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Assembly Instructions For The ISA-PCI-B1

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  • Step 1:
    Place 4 screws in the plastic shell with 4 holes.
  • usb2isa / ssi2-isa enclosure

  • Step 2:
    Place the usb2isa / ssi2-isa card holes for attaching in the screws and fasten with nuts.
  • usb2isa / ssi2-isa enclosure

  • Step 3:
    Plug the ISA card in the slot of the usb2isa / ssi2-isa card.
  • usb2isa / ssi2-isa enclosure

  • Step 4:
    Place the cover of the box - depending on the height of the ISA card, and fix the cover with 4 screws to the shell. Fix the metal bracket of the ISA card to the cover - directly or with the plastic spacer.
  • usb2isa / ssi2-isa enclosure

  • Step 5:
    The usb2isa / ssi2-isa and the ISA cards are ready for use - place in a horizontal or vertical position as desired.
  • usb2isa / ssi2-isa enclosure
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